Understand our supply chain and reduce spend.

For the sustainability of the channel we had to make sure we had a clear understanding of the current model. Each month, hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds of inefficiencies were placing a stress on the data/dialler teams.

Could Team365 deliver the same performance, with reduced costs and increased efficiencies?


Improve Data/Dialler/Processing efficiencies/Reduce Spend

1. Immediately identify a need to get a handle on the data supply.
2. Unpick the supply chain and create a new streamlined 3 tier
3. Identify key contributors to the current procurement process
4. Remove 0 value add in chain

Phase 2: Additional data channels/Sources for optimisation (see leadgen

What we did

We identified over 100 routes to market through variations in the supply chain. Most of which had 0 value add.
Through leveraging our publisher relationships we created a more transparent and compliant data feed, allowing a 3 new tier purchasing strategy.



Processing Efficiency - Up 323%

Validation Costs - Eliminated

Spend Reduction = 63%

Added benefits include reduced risk profile and dialler costs

Connecting Brands & Consumers, Globally

Lead 365 is breaking convention. We took the time to uncover the pitfalls and frustrations, and identify the challenges and opportunities facing virtually every business within our space, to create something truly unique.