02 the UKs second largest Mobile Network Operator came to Lead 365 with a challenge – Can we take a high-performance data channel and optimise it?


The 365 team identified areas for improvement within the data/dialler strategy.

Could pairing Facebook’s targeting capabilities and Google’s remarketing network allow us to generate new areas of consumer search and service them faster through efficiencies in tech and CRM in back end.

What we did

We ran detailed analysis on consumer behaviour. Identifying that where purchase intent was so high there was a definite correlation between intent and propensity for consumers to ‘multi-search’. We changed the data/dialler strategy to enable more customer’s buying intent to be serviced faster, without increasing overall spend, and avoid losing sales opportunities to competitors.
Overlaying geo-analysis to ensure we were only showcasing 02’s proposition to those who will benefit from it the most also spiked POS rates


Efficiencies in CPC relative to previous benchmarks
53% increase in sales
16% increase in POS rates

Connecting Brands & Consumers, Globally

Lead 365 is breaking convention. We took the time to uncover the pitfalls and frustrations, and identify the challenges and opportunities facing virtually every business within our space, to create something truly unique.