Identify a new route to market due to a fiercely competitive acquisition landscape.


To use an alternative channel to scale the LeoVegas customer base, implementing a CRM that will drive high engagements.

What we did

Lead 365 designed a funnel to capture, nurture and convert leads that was able to scale while remaining compliant. Engagements were managed in-house through intelligent messaging management platforms that connected all customer touch points (SMS, email, social, re-targeting as views, website visits).


Feedback loops from the client allowed for optimisation throughout the funnel to hit CPA goals of the campaign. Understanding customer behaviour and lifetime value was a key driver in funnel optimisation with targeted product messaging being at the forefront.

An effective, sustainable acquisition channel in one of the most competitive lead generation sectors. Achieved an average CPA of £65.00.

100,000's of potential customers reached with compliant opt-ins to continue to engage with. Short term results, long term opportunity.

Connecting Brands & Consumers, Globally

Lead 365 is breaking convention. We took the time to uncover the pitfalls and frustrations, and identify the challenges and opportunities facing virtually every business within our space, to create something truly unique.